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About Us


        Hubei Zhongyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is the national machinery, electric power industry, manufacturing enterprises, the Shenyang Transformer Research Institute registered the transformer production unit, has a national manufacturing measurement apparatus permits. Products are included in the "national power grid construction and transformation of recommended products," the first in the industry peer through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. It has been awarded the contract and trustworthy enterprise, consumer trust units, the quality of complaint without an advanced unit, reliable measurement units. The main products include various models of 126kv and below a current transformers, voltage transformers, high voltage metering boxes, insulation products, such as more than a thousand kinds of products. General on behalf of models: LZZBJ9-10 current transformer
LZZB6-10 current transformer
LZZBJ9-10 type current transformer
JDZ9-10Q voltage transformer
JDZX10-10 (REL-10) voltage transformer
JDZ-10 type voltage transformer
JLSZY - 35 w type electric power metering box
JLSZY - 10 w type electric power metering box
JLS - 10 combined transformer
JLSZV - 10 combined transformer
FDGE9-35 closed dry discharging coil
FDGE11-10 outdoor closed dry discharging coil
FDGE9-10 semi-closed discharge dry coil
FDGE8-10 semi-closed discharge dry coil
JSXW - 35 type voltage transformer
JSZV - 20 r combination voltage transformer
JSXW - 10 type voltage transformer
JSZK - 10 three-phase anti resonant voltage transformer
JSZV16-10 r type voltage transformer
JSZW3-10 type voltage transformer
JSZV1, 2-6, 10 R type voltage transformer
JSZV - 10 r type voltage transformer
JDZXW - 35 (R) voltage transformerer
JDZW-35 type voltage transformer
W71 JDZ (X) - 15, 20 R type voltage transformer
JDZW - 20 (R) voltage transformer
JDZW - 10 (R) voltage transformer
JDZX9-35R  type voltage transformer
JDZ9-35Q  type voltage transformer
JDZX11-15 , 20  type voltage transformer
JDZ11-15 g, 20 g type voltage transformer


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